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The Most Trusted Provider of Inspirational Religious Travel Experiences

Without a doubt, Faith Journeys is the most trusted name in both Catholic Pilgrimage and Protestant Tour group travel. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in religious travel, and our passion is delivering inspirational journeys that powerfully enrich your faith through spiritual experiences and the strengthening of your church community.

With offices around the world, we’re able to provide the highest quality product and service for our travelers, offering a variety of competitively-priced packages. Perfect for both first-time and experienced travelers, our programs take you to spiritual and historical sites throughout Europe, the UK, and the Middle East. Whether it be tracing the life of Jesus and the apostles through the Holy Land, attending mass at the Vatican, or celebrating Martin Luther’s Reformation in Germany, Faith Journeys can help fulfill your passion for travel, fellowship, purpose, adventure, and spiritual understanding.

Our Mission

Faith Journeys strives to deliver a personalized, spiritual journey to believers, designed to enrich their faith by bringing the Bible to life through walking in the footsteps of the early founders and pioneers of faith.

Meet the Faith Journeys Team

Beryl Imrie

Beryl Imrie


Where would you go in the world if nothing was impossible? This is my philosophy that puts the ‘wow’ into every Tour Time experience, showing people of all ages what’s achievable when we step outside what we know and believe. After all, we do not travel to change our scenery, but to change ourselves.

Unlike typical ‘sightseeing’ tours, I make sure that each of our tours has a focus; a shared interest that binds us all together and creates lifelong friendships. I feel so fortunate to be there to witness the powerful moments of transformation that occur on our tours, such as a school choir from New Zealand rise to the occasion of singing mass in the Vatican, or a science tour in CERN Europe being right there for the restart of the Hadron Collider.

I love the countries we travel to and by the end of the trip, our participants tell us how they too have developed a deep appreciation for the cultures and values of a land so far removed from their own. While we never want our trips to end, it is those moments of reflection upon returning that keep us all going back for more. It is a pleasure to be told how valued and looked after our tour participants felt. They feel informed and invigorated, and are quick to ask – ‘where shall we go next?’

Brent Imrie

Brent Imrie


If there’s one thing I don’t believe in, it’s watching life from the side lines. For example, we don’t take music groups to ‘see’ the Sydney Opera House or Carnegie Hall. We take you to perform in them. To stand on the stage, to feel the famous boards under your feet and hear your own voice echoing off the walls, is an experience that no photo can ever capture.

To go or do something you once thought impossible ignites a spark that burns long after the suitcase is unpacked. You won’t settle for anything less than life-changing, which is why just one tour often leads to many more. Sharing these journeys is an absolute privilege, and I am continually inspired and influenced by the people I share these amazing experiences with. I’ve learnt I’m adventurous, optimistic, relaxed yet ironically a bit of a control freak – traits which help make every participant feel secure and welcome.

By opening up impossible doors, we hope that your eyes are opened to what you are capable of achieving. You’ll discover new places, but most importantly, you’ll find yourself. And that’s the greatest souvenir of all.