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When you are looking for inspirational protestant faith travel, then Faith Journeys leads the way with inspirational tours and pilgrimages.

Walk with Jesus Christ

Walk with Jesus through the streets of Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem. Be baptized where He was, in the Jordan River. Sail the Sea of Galilee. Pray on the Mount of Olives. Follow the way of the cross through Jerusalem’s narrow streets to Golgotha. Enter the garden tomb and discover for yourself that He is not there – it is empty! The Bible will come alive for you, as never before, on your Faith Journey through the Holy Land.

Follow in the footsteps of Europe`s great reformers

Follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther, John Knox, John Wesley, John Calvin or Ulrich Zwingli through Europe’s most important Protestant Reformation sites, and gain a greater understanding and appreciation for your Christian heritage.

Faith Journeys is a leader in Anglican Faith Travel

Faith Journeys will attend to the details so that growing in your faith can be the focus of your journey. Experience an adventure of a lifetime with your family and friends, and strengthen the bonds of friendship and unity with your pastor and other members of your church. Faith Journeys is committed to making your faith journey the journey of a lifetime!


POSTPONED Tour: In the footsteps of St Paul
Tour with Dr Michael Jensen

Join us for a 15 Day Pilgrimage to Turkey – Greece – Italy
02-18th April 2021 (postponement dates)
Email: for more details

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